DIY Event Planning: How to Make a Candy Buffet Bar for Your Party Event
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DIY Event Planning: How to Make a Candy Buffet Bar for Your Party Event

How to make a candy buffet party planning candy bar extra special party candy buffet

Instead of paying for someone to prepare and provide a candy buffet for your event you can easily make one yourself and it will also be a lot cheaper. A candy buffet really does add a special touch to an event such as a bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah or even an adult event like a wedding or office party.

Buying the candy for your eventBuy the candy for your event candy buffet from a wholesale store where you can buy in bulk and the candy will be cheaper. The easiest candy to arrange on platters and wooden skewers is gelatin based candy which is soft. The harder candy cannot be threaded onto skewers and because it takes longer to eat people at the event may avoid it. The candy should be small pieces which don't take a long time to eat and which can be picked up with the fingers as there will be no cutlery on your candy buffet. Also on the whole the candy should not be wrapped, again this is to make the candy a snack guests can grab and put in their mouths without looking for somewhere to put the wrapper. If your event is a Jewish one make sure the candy is kosher and that it is parve (not milk based which observant Jewish guests would not touch after a meat meal). For an event of about 200 guests you would need approximately 10 large bag of candy. You can include marshmallows, licorice all sorts, gummy bears and gum drops. You can also add jelly beans which can be served in bowls.

Use plastic or paper serving trays or platters as well as plastic see-through bowls and vases, you could also use glass containers. You will also need wooden skewers, aluminum foil and blocks of Styrofoam.

Prepare the candy before your eventColorful jelly beans, licorice all sorts and marshmallows can be served in "glass" plastic bowls or vases, with each type of candy in a separate container. Your candy buffet will be more attractive if you find containers in a variety of shapes and sizes.Then use about three large trays or platters to lay out your candy, vary the types of candy on each platter and arrange the candy in radiating circles or lines.

Prepare the candy skewers by threading about 5 different types of candy onto each wooden skewer. The skewers are then stuck into the block of Styrofoam which has been covered with aluminum foil. You could also use a different base to anchor your candy skewers onto but don't make the mistake I made the first time I prepared these. I used a green flower arranging foam base and when the skewers were pulled out the ends were all green where they had been in the base! You could find a base for your candy skewers which goes with your party theme, like half a football for a football themed party, you can also stand the skewers in a long vase.

Once at the event you can create different levels on your candy buffet table by placing boxes or other objects underneath the tablecloth so that the candy is not all lying flat on the table.

You should prepare the candy at home, cover it with cling wrap and then take it to the event venue. At the event venue lay out the candy on a table and have the event hall staff put the table in a side room or the kitchen. Then after the main course has been served have the event hall staff bring the candy buffet table out to the hall and place it near the dance floor. You will find that your guests will pick at the candy as they enjoy the event and pretty soon all the candy will be gone! A candy buffet table is definitely not just for kids.


  • Have the candy buffet laid out at the reception of a wedding, or the beginning of your event.
  • Choose your candy according to the color theme of your event (for example only black and white candy).
  • Provide small bags and serving spoons for guests to fill up a little bag of candy to take home as a party favor.
  • Instead of a candy buffet try a cookie buffet, popcorn buffet or chocolate buffet.
  • Add labels to your candy containers so the guests know what they are eating!

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Hummm . . .

Very clever idea!

I would pass out from all the sugar, but it would be fun to be so creative to make a candy buffet.