Events and Adventures: A Singles Non-Dating Service
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Events and Adventures: A Singles Non-Dating Service

Events and Adventures is a singles event company currently based in 7 cities on the Eastern Seabord and also in St. Louis.

If you are a single man or woman living in the areas or cities of South Florida, Tampa, Atlanta, Boston, Nashville, Washington D.C., St. Louis, or New York, then the interactive singles club Events and Adventures has some fun ideas planned for you! Events and Adventures advertisements can be frequently heard on the FM radio stations in these areas, and proudly announces that it is not a dating service. Below is a description from Events and Adventures' website of what the company is all about.

Why is Events & Adventures better than a dating service?

"Matchmakers, video dating services, mini-lunch or dinner services - they are infamous for making grandiose promises of your impending marriage when they can't even provide you with a good date. Most former dating service members who join E&A say they meet more exciting new people at their first event than they met in all the time they belonged to a dating service. Dating services seem to be very hit-or-miss and are an unnatural way to meet people. They can also be time consuming and labor intensive. Events & Adventures is not a dating service and we make no ridiculous promises just to give you unrealistic expectations. The worst thing that happens at Events & Adventures is that you have a great time at an event. More often, you have a great time, make new friends, and if a romantic relationship happens - well, you get the idea!"

In its website and advertisements, Events and Adventures claims to be better than chatrooms, personals ads, dating websites, and dating services, because it offers a natural way to meet new singles. It mentions that romantic partners are often netted through the service because false pretenses do not exist: the service is there to provide fun events for singles, not to initiate romantic encounters. Thus, Events and Adventures uses an interesting tactic to undercut the popularity of dating-oriented services.

Joining the service is relatively simple: you surf to the signup form and fill out the information (you obviously must be single), then you are supposed to receive a call from an "event coordinator." There is no advertised cost to join, and some events are actually free, but most events do have associated fees. According to the website, "The fee varies according to what kind of event you are attending. Our events run the gamut from bowling to Caribbean cruises and everything in between. The cost of the event is dependant upon which events you select to attend." In an average month, the service claims to provide "40 or more" events. Overall, Events and Adventures provides an interesting service with a unique, fun-based twist, and is an interesting idea for singles looking to try something new.

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Page love. : )



Events & Adventures is a racket. They get you in there, ask some very intrusive questions, and then try to pressure you into paying thousands of dollars. Don't waste your time and money.