Fun Birthday Party Games for Rowdy Boys
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Fun Birthday Party Games for Rowdy Boys

Great ways to keep rowdy boys busy at a party.

Boys will be the boys.  That's the saying that many will hear when it comes to boys.  Having a bunch of them at a party and especially if they are a rowdy bunch can make it difficult on the host and hostess of that party.  Yes, that means the parents.  So what to do to keep them not only entertained but from breaking things. 

First off, if the weather is good make sure you have an outside party, that way you can plan thing around an area that won't get damaged in the end.  Secondly, make sure you have a ton of games that will keep them physically active through out the entire party.  The more entertainment and activities you provide for rowdy boys, the better off you will be.  Also, the added perk of them remembering all the fun that they had. 


Tug of War

That's right find a rope, mark the center of the rope with a piece of bright colored tape or ribbon and get them to tugging, you can set up teams or one on one.  This will help them try and boost up each other confidence. 

Make sure to have a strong man prize ready to go.  Best prizes when you have rowdy boys snacks and lots of them.  Hit the nearest dollar tree and stock up on a few and have them ready as prizes.  You can set up small gift bags for your prizes, it will save you time and not real guess work on it.

Volley ball anyone!

Depending on the ages of the rowdy boys, you can get them set up on teams and cheer them on as they play against one another.  Mark the grass with boundries using some spray paint.  It will grow and some will wash away with a rain storm or three.  For the winning team you might want to give ribbons for this one, especially when you have more than 2 per team. 

Dodge Ball

Who doesn't like throwing a ball at one another.  Make sure its a soft nerf ball or one of those big bouncing balls that the kids use.  Last one standing wins. 

You might want to set up rules as to where the boys can aim, you know very well that they will try and knock each other in the head and such. 

Freeze tag

Get that blood to really flowing with an oldie but a goodies, have the boys playing freeze tag.  You don't have to worry about a winner necessarily with this game.  It's a great way to wear off some of that pent up energy. 

Treasure Hunt

This is a great one for the younger rowdy boys.  Set up an area for the treasure hunt.  This concept I have used before in another one of my articles.  Simply hide different objects around a set area, you can use themed items that go with the party, for example cars, maybe small beach items like sun glasses, blow up beach toys, etc.  You can hit the dollar store to get some great deals on these items, you can get packets of 4 or more sun glasses and even packets of cars with several in it. 

Or set up a full mystery treasure hunt making the kids work as a team. 


So the weather is horrible outside and it will be a bit more difficult to get them to sit still.  That's okay, there are a number of things to keep them focused and occupied.  This is the time to set up a "gaming room" in other words, before the party is due to start, make sure you have several games set up for the kids to play, to include some video games.  These days, many boys love to play the almighty multi-player video games.  No prizes needed for these, just some good time and snacks. 

You can also set up a few board games that will occupy 4 or more at a time.  It is a good idea to ask your son what he likes to play and build from there.  If you know his friends and what they like this is helpful as well.  Some good games that have a lot of active play are games like Jenga, mouse trap and such, these games make them construct and work at the game. 

If you are interested in games that will use up some of their energy bring back some of the old reliable games like Hot potato, musical chairs or even a cake walk of sorts where the prizes available are collector game cards or small toys. 

Remember it is always a good idea to fit the game to the age of the kids.

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