Ham and Cheese Jelly Roll
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Ham and Cheese Jelly Roll

Ham and cheese spread and rolled Hor D Oeuvres

Party food is often more appetizing when it looks good than how good it tastes.  This Hor D Oeuvres  looks goods and believe me it tastes better than it looks.  A cheese board is really the perfect type of entertainment when wine and bite size treats are the main sustenance to sustain an evening of friends and others. This roll can be served alone as it will satisfy your guests while they are waiting for their meal to be served or to nibble on while mixing with other guests.  Adding more cheeses is an idea but it might be too heavy if you have a meal planned for later.  An interesting addition can be a platter or freshly sliced cucumbers, a bowl of grapes or thinly sliced melon. Just be sure that you keep the pinwheel ham and cheese in the fridge until ready to serve. 

Pinwheel swirl of ham and nuts on cheese.


?1 8 ounce package cream cheese

?1/2 cup cottage cheese

?1 teaspoon vinegar

?1 teaspoon olive oil

?1 clove garlic pressed

?1/2 cup cubed ham

?1 tablespoon mayonnaise

?1/2 cup diced parsley

?1/2 cup chopped pecans


1.In blender add cubed ham and mayonnaise and mix.


2.In bowl blend cream cheese and cottage

cheese with vinegar, oil,and garlic,

If you don’t

have a garlic press, peel clove and mince garlic

with knife, hold knife handle on top of minced

garlic and pound down on knife with mallet.

3.On cookie sheet spread foil.

4.Press cheese into

8 X 8 inch square.

5.Refrigerate overnight.

6.Spread ham on top of cheese.

7.Spread half of

parsley and half of nuts on top of ham.


up like a jelly roll.

9.After one roll sprinkle

remaining parsley and nuts and finish roll.

10.Refrigerate for 2 hours.

Serve pinwheel on cheese board with a small silver knife and have plenty of small crackers nearby. 

Serve with crackers or cucumber slices or make a plan!

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