Happy Birthday to One of the Greatest Sportsmen
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Happy Birthday to One of the Greatest Sportsmen

There is no doubt that Muhammad Ali will always be one of the greatest world champion and showman of all times. He completely changed the world of heavy weight boxing.

On 17th January 2012 celebrates one of the greatest of sportsmen of the 20th century his birthday.

Happy Birthday, Muhammad Ali, to your 70th Birthday.

The world lost already Joe Frazier who was another great heavy weight boxer. There is no doubt that Joe Frazier was a great professional and dominated the heavy weight boxing world for a long time. At that time heavy weight boxing was slow, moving around, judging, dodging and eventually landing a punch was not a very attractive sport to the great majority. Only a certain number of people used to watch it on TV.

This all changed when Cassius Clay stepped into the ring. He developed a complete different boxing style. He danced all the time and it confused his opponents. He was fast like the light weight boxer. He moved quickly in and landed his punch and moved even quicker away. Therefore, the great boxer like Joe Frazer, Sonny Liston, George Foreman and many more were not used to this style of boxing.

His famous saying: “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Furthermore, Muhammad Ali is highly intelligent and was very talkative.  He turned a very serious sport into show business. Suddenly the whole world watched boxing. He quoted poems which were contracting with heavy weight boxing. He also was handsome and made always remarks about how pretty he is. You must remember in those days any man calling himself pretty was straightaway shunted, giving the impression he is gay which again was very much kept in the dark. Cassius Clay calmly called himself pretty in his interviews before the fight.

Cassius Clay converted later on to the Islamic faith and called himself Muhammad Ali. Then he started to predict the outcome of his fight. Everybody just took it as a good laugh but when he said he will finish the fight in the first or second round, he did it. Now, this is the most amazing fact about Muhammad Ali because after a few fights the opponent was aware of it and tried very hard to prove him wrong. These professionals were around a long time and knew all about it, plus their team. Yet, he done it times and times again and the crowd went wild.

As a matter of fact looking down on his career he retired all the big names because they just couldn’t cope with his style. It was too new and for them too late to change.

Muhammad Ali you are the greatest boxer and showman of all times and we all still love you.

                                                  HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUHAMMAD ALI

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