How to Make a Safe Pinata
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How to Make a Safe Pinata

Read on for ideas of piñata making that is safe and still fun as well as how to make a pull string piñata.

A piñata is usually found at Mexican parties (in the shape of a star) though now they are becoming more popular for most celebrations including birthday parties. Generally a piñata is a decorative container filled with inexpensive treats like chocolates, candies and small gifts. Hung in the air – participants take turns to swing at the piñata with a bat to get to the gifts. This may seem risky with small children or drunk guests so read on for advice on safe piñata ideas.

Safe Piñata Making

Modern piñatas come in various forms from animals to flowers. When making a piñata ensure that it has no sharp edges that can be dangerous once it falls to the ground.

There are two methods you can use to make piñata at home. The first is using paper mache that can be messy and a little time consuming to complete. However it also offers more creativity. Alternatively a quick and simple piñata can be made using a paper bag. Whichever method is chosen select soft embellishments such as crepe paper, fabrics and wool. It is best to use glue or tape and avoid staples or pins.

Piñata Fillers That Are Safe for Kids and Adults

An over enthusiastic massacre of a piñata can mean the fillers fall on top of the party guests. Avoid toys and candy that can be painful if they land on someone from a distance. Include paper strips so there is more excitement on breaking the piñata.

Here are some ideas for safe piñata fillers:

Noise-maker toys

Soft candies

Chocolate coins

Small bags of snacks

Finger puppets

Stress ball

Friendship bracelets

Temporary tattoos

Key chains

How to Make a Pull String Piñata

If safety is of primary importance then pull string piñatas are an ideal option. This type of piñata is less violent than the traditional piñata as participants pull at ribbons hanging down from the bottom of piñata instead of trying to break it by force.

A very easy way of making a pull string piñata is to first make the container but make a trap door prior to decorating. Poke a hole through the door (near where it closes) and pull a ribbon through tying the knot on the inside. Glue crepe paper to the outside of the trap door, and glue other ribbons of the same length to the bottom of the trap door. Only pulling at the ribbon with the knot inside the piñata will open the door and let the gifts out.

Make a safe piñata with the above ideas for a child's birthday party or adult celebration. Avoid the violence of bashing by making a pull string piñata that is still fun but safer and also potentially reusable.

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My wife and I used for our son's birthday. They made us a custom pinata designed to look like a baseball player!