How to Plan a Political Event in Your Community
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How to Plan a Political Event in Your Community

Political Event Planning is that not That Hard! You Just have to dive right in and not Give Up!

Planning your next Community Political Event is not as commplicated as it seems. It's all about getting into a rhythm, knowing what your goals are and creating a plan. Once you have your plan set, you just have to excute it.

Good Luck!

Research Your Community

Researching your neighborhood and community is essential to event planning, especially when it's politcal. You need to know who in your area agree's with you, or doesn't agree with you. Both because you want to invite those who agree with you most of all, but you want to be prepared if there are more people on the other side of the fence. That way you know how hard it will be to have an event in the name of your cause. I have some questions listed to help you get started researching your community for the right information.

~How Many People Are In Your Community?

~How Many of Those People Are Active Voters?

~Whats The Average Age of a Person In Your Community?

~What Issues Have Been Raised In Your Community? How Do You Feel About Them?

~Where are some Venues in Your Community that you could use to Host a Political Event at?

Research Your Demographics

Your demographics, are the range of people who agree with your views. A full demographic will say how many active voters are in the same policitcal party as you, and how old the average person is. It's very important to understand your own demographic, if you want to plan a successful event. If most of the people in your party are middle aged middle class workers, you probably won't have a lot of luck with a $100 a plate dinner or an arrangement like that. Likewise, if your demographic is High Class Spenders, you probably won't see them flocking down to the nearest pub to join your crusade.

Here are some questions to ask yourself....

~What Political Party Do You Subscribe To? Democrat? Repulican? Left Wing? Middle of the Road? Not Sure? Any?

~How Many Other People in Your Community Are Part of Your Party?

~What is the Average Age of a Person Belonging to Your Political Party?

~What is the average Class of People Belonging to Your Political Party?

Research Other Demographics

As mentioned previously, its always good to know your competition. You'll want to research the other demographics in your community, and find out what issues they have raised and how they feel about them. They may be opposed to you, or they may be on the same page, but either way, its good to know.

Here are some questions to research...

~What Other Political Parties Are In Your Community?

~Are Other Policital Parties More Popular Than Your Party in Your Community?

Putting Your Event Together

Putting your event together is mostly just a bunch of plate spinning. It takes a certain type of person to really get it down with style, but anyone can do it. Here are some tips to getting it done smoothly and effectively.

~Choose a Goal

Well? You need to have a goal! Politicians and political fans don't usually just get together to "hang out". There is always a goal. Is there a biill or levi that you want to see passed? Do you have new ideas for laws that should go into effect? Maybe you want to fight against the tyranny of oppression? It could possibly be a charity that you really want to help? There are plenty of reasons, but the best way to success is to give your event a goal to draw people to it.

~Figure Out Your Bidget

              *Renting a Venue: How much will it cost and where will the venue be?

              *Entertainment/Speakers Cost: Are you getting speakers and/or entertainers? How much do they cost?

              *Food & Beverage: It's always good to provide food and beverage at a political event, so figure out what you'll serve

              *Decorations: Are you going with dull and drab? Or are you going to put some effort into decorations?

              *Other Misc Expenses: There are always a few, set aside some cash just in case.

~Set a Date

This part is easy, just make sure you don't have to many other things going on near the date you plan your political community event for. That way you can maximize your time focused on the event, and not get distracted.

~Send Out Invites to Potential Attendee's in Your Demographic

Whether you're going with emails, social webs or card stock, make sure to do it up just right, and then send out those invites! Send them within 2 weeks of the show, but no earlier than 3 weeks before the show.

~Promote With Flyers, Brochures, Posters and Leaflets

Get out there and tell the world what you are doing! That's one of the greatest parts of politics, and a great tradition! Go stand on a busy street corner with your promotional materials and educate the citizens about your goals, and then make sure they get a flyer or leaflet so they remember to come ot the show.

~Have Fun!

The only thing after all this, is to wait for the date to come. It will come learingly upon you, and you will be nervous if this is your first event, but don't worry! If you have followed these tips and done your research, your event should be a great success!

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