How to Properly Handle Small Propane Tanks for the Gas Grill
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How to Properly Handle Small Propane Tanks for the Gas Grill

The outdoor grilling season is upon us, and the small propane tanks that you use for our outdoor grill need to be handled safely.

It’s getting to be that time of year when people are pulling out the grill for the summer season. There is a right way and a wrong way to use propane tanks.

Our family loves to grill outdoors when the weather is nice. We have a gas grill and so we use a propane tank to run our outdoor grill. There are different ways that you can purchase propane. The easiest is just to swap out your empty propane tank for a filled one at a local grocery store or gas station. Another way is to find a local company that will just refill your tank for you.

You do need to know that propane is a combustible material and does require some special handling. Here are a few tips to keep you safe so that you can enjoy the outdoor grilling season.

Be Careful How You Store Your Propane Tank or Tanks

We have two propane tanks. We normally don’t swap our tanks. My husband likes to keep his own and just refill them. He says it’s cheaper, and if he is willing to take them and get them refilled, who am I to say anything.  Propane tanks should be stored in an upright position and in an area where the temperature does not go above 120 degrees. They should not be stored in an enclosed area like a basement or garage. If you have a spare propane tank, don’t store it next to the grill. You also don’t want to smoke when using a propane tank.  Store your tanks in an open ventilated area.

Taking Your Propane Tank to be Filled

When transporting propane tanks, be sure they remain upright. Do not put the propane tanks in the trunk of your car, or leave them in the car for long periods of time. Temperatures in cars when left closed up can reach dangerous levels and you wouldn’t want a propane tank to explode.

Replace your tank if it becomes damaged. If you do replace a tank, dispose of the old one according to your city or county guidelines. This is not an item that should end up in a land fill. If propane remains in the tank, it could be a fire hazard.  As long as you handle your propane tanks carefully you shouldn’t run into problems. It just takes common sense and following a few safety rules. The summer grilling season is upon us. Throw those hamburgers and steaks on the grill, invite your family and friends, l and enjoy.

Source:  South Carolina Propane Gas Association

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