Sweet & Sour Meatball Easy Party Recipe
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Sweet & Sour Meatball Easy Party Recipe

Easy to make sweet & sour recipe for meatballs for any entertaining event that you and your guests will savor. The ingredients in this quick sauce are easy to find and delicious when combined for your party.

Whenever a celebration or party is planned sweet & sour meatballs can be served with pride. These easy to prepare appetizers can be brought to any event you are invited to.  Since they can be made ahead of time of the planned entertainment, it leaves more time for other activities adding to the festive environment.

Select your meatball ingredients from ground turkey, ground beef, ground veal, ground pork or ground lamb. Your choice might include a combination of these or only some. Add your spices and other contents to finish your meatballs just the way you want. Cook your homemade meatballs before using the sweet & sour recipe.

Purchased already made and formed meatballs can be used as well as restaurant bought meatballs without sauce or gravy on them too. These might be in frozen food section or refrigerated customer showcases. If the frozen already cooked meatballs are bought, let them completely thaw before proceeding with the recipe below. Cook them according to instructions on the package or cook thoroughly in skillet or frying pan with olive oil to prevent sticking.

How To make sweet & sour meatballs recipe dish

1.  Choose a sturdy, non aluminum pot or medium sized saucepan. If you will be doubling this recipe, make sure your pan is large enough for the doubled ingredients.

2.  Have on hand a regular size Heinz Chili Sauce. This can be found in the pickle or ketchup isle of your grocery store. There is only one size of the Heinz Chili Sauce. This provides the sour part of your sweet & sour meatball dish.

3.  Buy and have on hand a small jar of grape jelly with sugar added or other sweetener since this will provide the sweet in your recipe. Choose at least a jar equal in size to the weight of the Heinz Chili Sauce container. 

4.  Combine Heinz Chili Sauce and grape jelly in the saucepan or pot.

5.  Over low heat on stove top; stir with wooden spoon or spatula to completely mix the two ingredients.

6.  When mixture is smooth, let it stand for a few minutes before pouring over your meatballs. 

7.  Turn off stove, but return meatballs with sweet & sour sauce on them in pot with secure lid for 7 to 10 minutes.

8.  Place in serving dish on table with lid to preserve flavor and warmth.

9.  Keep on heated entertainment platter or refrigerate until ready to serve if more than 1/2 before party. Reheat in double boiler to prevent heating the sweet & sour sauce too much.

This sweet & sour meatball recipe is so easy and delicious you will want to make it often for family and guests. Freeze or make extra sweet & sour sauce to use with chicken or pork dishes making sure to thoroughly cook meat or poultry before serving your appetizer or main dish sweet & sour meal.

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I love the recipe. Voted up

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