Tips in Planning A Post-Partum Baby Shower Party
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Tips in Planning A Post-Partum Baby Shower Party

There is no proper rules to follow when a baby shower should be. Therefore, after pregnancy, you can still have a very special day to celebrate a baby shower party.

The presence of a new born baby in a family is a sign of new life, new hope, and new outlook in life. This event has even a power to unite everyone and generate fresh relationships. To welcome the arrival of this very special blessing and to congratulate the parents for having such a wonderful baby, preparing for a baby shower party would be a great approach. The mother will surely be delighted and will be glad to see everyone approaching her and the baby as they arrive home.

Most commonly a baby shower is held at the eight month or earlier of pregnancy. However, there is no exact rule to follow when is the right time to when to have the baby shower, so it is definitely not a problem to do it after the delivery. But you must consider several factors if you want to host a baby shower at post-partum. The way you organize the party is where the fun of everyone relies. Most importantly, because the baby shower party is for the mother, she must be the focal of the activities.

The first thing that you must consider in conducting a post-partum baby shower party is the mother's strength. She may have not fully recovered her strength yet for having a tough time during the labor and the delivery. You must be sensitive enough to understand how hard was it for her what she went through those days. Therefore, plan a party that is not too stressful. But what is a non-stressful baby shower party? Basically, there are games in a baby shower participated by the guests fort hem to enjoy and make the party exciting. But at this time, you must postpone the games. Very exuberant activities may not be fun for the mother, so prefer a simple and quiet baby shower party instead. She will appreciate it more if there will just be mellow music playing around that can calm her physical and emotional exhaustion.

The second consideration in conducting a post-partum baby shower party is the mother's mood. We initially know that the mother may experience post-partum depression that can greatly affect her mood, wherein she may be manifesting mixed or complicated character. Therefore it is very important that you choose the guests to invite. Most preferably, invite only very few friends and family whom she is closely related. She may not welcome everyone very well as she usually does, so it really matters that the guests you invited understands her very well.

Lastly, consider that the mother and the baby need time alone together to bond with each other. Most of all she also needs to have a rest for fast recovery. So if possible make the party short, not longer than three hours as suggested for you not to consume the time. The purpose of this baby shower party at post-partum is to welcome the new family. And by doing so, you have put strength to them to start a different life, showing them your support, and of course to let them know that you are prepared to help them whenever the time comes that they will need you.

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