Unique Seafood Recipe
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Unique Seafood Recipe

There are those who truly tired of salsa, or chips and dip. For a unique, and inexpensive spread, you truly need to try this unique seafood recipe.

Spread Formed

Whether it be the holidays, a dinner party, or just something for a snack, there are those who love to have a chips and dip handy. There is another great idea, but it is more suitable as a spread to put on crackers. Most of us have a tendency to purchase more ingredients that we may need. However, along with this seafood spread recipe, there are additional ideas for using the leftover seafood.

Foil trays come in various sizes, colors and shapes. The depth varies which also includes a shaped tray that is flat. These seafood recipes can be placed on these trays which can be purchased, to suit the theme of your party, a family BBQ, or a pot luck lunch at work, from a local craft or party supply store. You may want to obtain more elaborate serving containers for special events that are more formal such as a reception, formal dinner party, or shower.

Seafood Cheese Spread


•8 ounce cream cheese

•6 large cooked shrimp (¼ pound)

•lobster meat (optional)

•crab meat (optional)

•cocktail sauce (plain)

You can use the shrimp, lobster or crab meat alone with this seafood recipe. You can also combine as many of the seafood ingredients as you want. Keep plenty of knives handy and serving dishes available. Once your guests taste this little gem, they won't be able to leave it alone.


•Cut up the seafood

•Let cream cheese soften a bit

•Mix one 8 ounce package of cream cheese and the seafood together, by hand

Final Steps

Take the mixture and place it in any shape container, and form the mixture in the same shape. You may want to use a decorative mold that fits the theme of you party, or event where you will be serving this spread.

•Use the cocktail sauce to drizzle over the mixture once in the container.

•Cover, place in refrigerator for several hours to chill and hold shape.

When you are ready to serve your seafood spread, all you need to do is place the container in the center of a decorative tray, surrounded by wheat crackers, Ritz crackers, or other crackers of your choice.

Small plates are ideal

Leftover Seafood Recipe

There are many ideas as to what you can do with that leftover seafood. Here are a few, easy to make seafood recipes, using those leftovers.

Recipe Idea #1

Chop the remaining seafood, and mix with a bit of mayo and dab of Dijon mustard. Place the mixture in an attractive dish, with a small fork. Guest can take this mixture and place it on crackers as well.

Recipe Idea #2

Another idea is to simply add the mixture atop a bed of fresh, raw spinach, surrounded by cherry tomatoes and cheese cubes, for a seafood salad. If you have whole shrimp left over, you may want to lay the whole shrimp atop or around the mixture as a garnishment, if you do not have a lot of shrimp left over. You can take this idea, and create small appetizer salads by placing the components on a shell shaped foil tray.

Important Tips-Allergies

Should you choose to create these recipes, be sure to ask your guests or coworkers who will be attending the get together if anyone is allergic to seafood or shell fish. The seafoood spread, should be labeled, since the seafood cannot be readily seen.

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