Why You Should Not Miss a High School Reunion
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Why You Should Not Miss a High School Reunion

Why you should not miss a high school reunion. Reasons for attending a high school reunion.

High school reunion brings back memories. You get to see old faces and reconnect the links of the past. Fifteen years later after graduation, you will come across to old classmates and friends, even foes. Some may have gone a long way, achieving an amazing feat while others have turned as what you have expected them to be, based on their dreams while in high school. There may be some people who have not changed much through the years, but despite all these, all of us have got a story to tell.

Reunion is an occasion that you should never miss, no matter what fate leads you to the present. Reuniting with old classmates and friends is rewarding. It is a time where everybody comes with curiosity in mind. ‘What have become’ of those people who have been a part of our formative years, is in itself a reason for attending this occasion. No matter what your achievement or situation is; it is still worth sharing with people whom you have shared your youth with.

Attending this event means never having to wonder “what if?” You will never have to say “I wish I would have gone” when you hear the stories of fun and excitement your friends have experienced during those precious hours. It only comes once in so many years and you should make time for it. Announcements or invitations are out early so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you. You can make arrangement in advance so as not to miss this once in a lifetime event that would connect you from the past. There’s just simply no reason for not going, except when you are living in other parts of the world.

Having a good time is one reason for attending a reunion. It is a day full of activities. Fun and surprises awaits the alumni and they can laugh to their hearts content. Exciting games are good ice breaker in reconnecting with your former classmates. There might be flames that are going to be rekindled despite the years of absence, distance and miscommunication. Who knows what this gathering would bring. There should never be a dull moment as this is an occasion to be remembered for the rest of our lives.

It is worthy to note that the reunion’s focus is on the success of the entire batch as a whole and not the individual misfortunes of some of its members. The true measure is seen through the hard work and success being achieved as the time goes by. Failure should not be highlighted but the fruit of labor by many who succeeded in their endeavors.

This event largely relies on the huge effort of the organizing committee. The endless hours of coordination and preparation to make it a success is in itself a rewarding experience. It would never be as fun and exciting without their tremendous effort and united undertakings. They are the ones who truly deserve our deepest thanks in making this once in a lifetime event possible. Possibility is one thing, but reality is another. Much more, success of the event is an even greater reason to smile in triumph that all their hard work has finally paid off. It is one thing that you can truly describe as “a blast from the past.” It may be an understatement but it would probably suffice to say “Thank you for bringing us back together where we all began our journey to maturity.”

An invitation may arrive in another four years or so. Make sure you don’t just shove it under the file. You may have missed the first one, but do not make the same mistake the second time around. Never miss an opportunity in taking part of this kind of event that will embed a memory that can truly last for a lifetime.

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Comments (4)

Very interesting

One of my classmates had a darned good reason for missing a reunion – he was serving 20 years in federal prison for drug smuggling. Oh well...

Well, I think it's nice for many, but not for all. I didn't actually/technically finish high school because I was tutored for the last two years, and when the first major-event reunion rolled around, I received three death threats if I attended. I'm sure it went well, otherwise. Voted and appreciated.

High school reunion was my expertise being the class president. A very interesting topic.